OmniPeek 9.1 Crack Patch with Keygen Free Download

OmniPeek 9.1 Crack Keygen Free DownloadOmniPeek 9.1 Crack

OmniPEEK 9.1 Crack is the best software for the network analysis. It can be used for a portable network analysis and also for the software running on. This tool provide an easy access to Savvius Omnipliances. It not only evaluates the performance but also a very efficient tool for troubleshooting. Now with enhanced geotagging and RAID 6 support, it is truly a higher performance tool. The dashboard of OmniPEEK 9.1 is boosted with direct support by Capture Engine. It has now become the embedded software for all Savvis appliances.

OmniPEEK 9.1 full Keygen has the feature of Compass. Therefore, it is aSavvius network data visualization platform. Its function is to continuously analyze and display network information over time. So, With this particular feature, the user is quickly provided with the necessary information of network data in need of more detailed investigation. While, the implementation of Compass on the Capture Engine has brought about very fruitful results. Through this combination, the appliance users can correlate and analyze network data directly on the appliance.

OmniPeek 9.1 Full Version

Now includes the feature of deploying the RAID 6 configuration. It protects against the disk failure. It is also helpful for those users who are in search of reliable and long-lasting data retention. Geolocation tagging is another quality of OmniPEEK 9.1 that has been improved comprehensively. Using this technique, the user may have access to the new data visualization of the source of network traffic. As well as , they may set additional parameters for searches and filters regarding the geographic origin of network data. This accelerates the process of analysis and reduces the total time to resolution.Opmipeek 9.1 Crack


  • Enhanced geotagging
  • RAID 6 support for better data protection and failover
  • Non-admin user access
  • Updated analytical and data storage performance
  • Directly supported by Capture Engine
  • Embedded software for all Savvius appliances
  • Powerful system analyzer
  • Enhanced execution
  • Strong signaling and media analysis

Main Pros

Ability to interact with many capture engines – It is capable of intermingling with unlimited capture engines’.
Use of compass dashboard – the famous compass dashboard is now directly supported by capture engine.
Raid 6 – helps to prevent the loss of data and provides full protection against disk failures, also useful for long-term data retention.

Main Cons

Running Omnipeek, even with a USB adapter seems to take over the internal wireless card where you are not able to use both interfaces concurrently.
Slight learning curves for high traffic networks
The basic version is not free.

OmniPeek 9.1 Crack Free Download

Author’s Note:
Networks today are the backbone of our data-intensive economy. They must maintain the highest levels of performance and stability to meet user expectations and ensure business success. OmniPeek is the most intelligent packet capture, analytics, forensics, and troubleshooting for networks of any size. Sometimes. for those managing networks, security, time to resolution, and manageability are all hot-button issues. These updates to OmniPeek give users the ability to seamlessly access vital information and solve problems faster.


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