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O&O Defrag Professional Edition 20.0 Build 465 + Serial Key crack free Download

Don’t  let a slow computer spoil your work or fun  Let O&O Defrag Professional Edition 20.0 Build 465 + Serial Key optimize your hard disks, and you can experience speed increases of up to 100% Regular disk defragmentation performance!

When you defragment, the files that Windows splits up when saving documents across the hard disk are logically put back together again so that files can be quickly recognized and found by the reading and write heads inside your hardware. Speed increases of up to 100% are not uncommon, and your device suffers much less wear and tear

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 20.0 Build 465 + Serial Key l puts is a replacement for the standard Windows defragmenter, which offers a much-advanced set of features. It puts fragmented files together and maximizes your system speed and offers five different defragmentation strategies, as well as One Button Defrag technology for automatic adjustment of the settings best fitting for your system. The program can defragment drives manually, or fully automatic in the background. As a result, that keeps your system at peak performance by avoiding build-up of file fragmentation. Defragmentation jobs can also be scheduled, using various criteria.

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 20.0 Build 465 + Serial Key

Additional features include status reports, cluster inspector, command line interface, optional MMC integration, boot time defragmentation, special support for mobile systems and more.
O&O Defrag 20 offers the increased performance up to 100%. If you spend a lot of time on your PC, slow system and program starts or system crashes while playing can be very frustrating. Periodic defragmentation often works wonders in bringing new life to a PC.
O&O Defrag now has Remote Desktop! With the integrated Remote Desktop, you can help your family and friends anytime from anywhere direct on their machines!

The new O&O Defrag 20 is now integrated into the O&O Cloud IT Management solution – O&O Syspectr! With O&O Syspectr you have the optimal overview of your Windows settings and system status. You can control O&O Defrag and other tools easily over the Cloud. The newly integrated functions from O&O Syspectr are especially useful for customers with several machines. Also for owners of the Family Edition, who are not always sitting at home in front of each PC.


Speed increases of up to 100%
Automatic background defragmentation
Prevents new fragmentation from ever occurring
In-built O&O DiskCleaner
New: In-built O&O DiskStat
New: Fragment Filter to identify the most fragmented files on a drive
Improved optimization of SSDs
Easy-to-Use: Ideal for beginners and professionals
Extends the life of your hardware
Defrags multiple drives simultaneously
Increases chances of recovering lost files and speeds up your backups
Power Management for Notebooks
Assistant for to schedule the disk defragmenter

Key features:

Automatic defragmentation in the background
O&O Defrag 20 Pro works quietly in the background. So that the defragmentation process does not disturb other tasks and has no negative performance impact on your system. The O&O ActivityMonitor periodically determines the system load. It controls the production demand of O&O Defrag during a defragmentation and adapts it to the current state of your disks and PC.
Quicker and safer video editing
O&O Defrag creates an equal flow of data which enables it to be processed much easier and faster. For video editing systems, O&O recommends both the STEALTH or SPACE defragmentation methods.
A far better Gaming experience
Because many computer games store and work with a lot of files and data, they can be a primary source of fragmentation themselves. Add to that the remaining fragmented files from Windows and you have a data bottleneck effect. Just when you don’t need it – when you’re gaming

Important Features at a Glance
Up to 100% increased PC speed. There is nothing worse than when you want to do something on your PC, and your computer is running slow. A disk defragmenter used regularly can speed up a PC of any age and get it working like new again!

In-built O&O Disk Cleaner
Searches for and removes temporary and unnecessary files that are taking up memory and increasing fragmentation. O&O Disk Cleaner also enhances the security of your data, as private content (e.g. Thumbs.db, copies of documents, drafts of emails, Dumps) will no longer be kept as copies in unnecessary system files.

What’s  new:

  • Important Features at a Glance
    • In-built O&O DiskCleaner
    • New: In-built O&O DiskStat
    • Lifetime performance Statistics
    • Speed increases of up to 100% are not uncommon!
    • New: Deleting free space on hard disks for your privacy
    • Shorter defragmentation times and faster system and program starts
    • Automatic defragmentation in the background
    • Quicker and safer video editing
    • Perfect for the modern family
    • A far better gaming experience

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