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Parted Magic 2017.01.08 Crack Full Version Free Download

Parted Magic 2017.01.08: is a robust Linux-based disk that is bootable disk partitioning and data recovery tools. It permits you to do various operations on partitions and supports lots that are significant of systems. Parted Magic – partition manager based on Linux, using the Live CD, USB-drives or more than a network that is regional. Supported by any data operations – move, delete, restore, cloning partitions, etc. Besides, Parted Magic allows you to configure the working system, as well as access the world wide web using the included distributed browser Firefox. Parted Magic supports file systems ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, his, hfs +, jfs, Linux-swap, NTFS, ReiserFS, reiser4, CFS.

The ISO document will then be copied to the CD/DVD as an image during the point whenever wanting to hire a CD/DVD medium for the Magic that is parte OS. Fundamentally replicating the ISO document straightforwardly to the CD/DVD won’t work. Perused the guidelines underneath to duplicate this ISO picture to a CD/DVD or to keep in touch with this ISO that is accurate image a U S B streak drive. You could confirm your BIOS/UEFI boot request settings to work efficiently with CD/DVD/U S B gadgets first. Your introduced OS may boot first on the opportunity that is off you don’t.


  1. PartedMagic has the instruments to manage a business. With the Partition Editor, you can resize, duplicate, and move allotments. You can develop or recoil your C: drive. Make the area for brand new frameworks which are working. Undertaking information salvage from lost segments.
  2. Clone a PC’s entire circle or even an allotment that is solitary. The cloned information could be spared as a photo record or as a duplicate that is copied of data. The information could be save to then the privately joined ability gadget, an SSH server, a Samba Server, or a Network File System offer.
  3. PartedMagic permits you to reset or alter Windows passwords effectively. Recoup lost records. Salvage documents from gadgets with plate read mistakes.
  4. PartedMagic accompanies simple to use answers for routine overwrite. Inward Secure Erase. Wiping of just Free Space.
  5. All the benchmarking apparatuses you could ever need! Bonnie++, IOzone, tricky Info, System Stability Tester, mm prime, and stress.

What’s New?

bleachbit/bleachbit-1.12-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Added.

btrfs-progs/btrfs-progs-v4.9-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.

kernel-firmware/kernel-firmware-20170106git-noarch-1.txz: Upgraded.

libpng/libpng-1.6.27-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.

linux/linux-4.9.1: Upgraded.

linux/spl-solaris/spl-solaris-0.7.0-git12172016_4.9.1-pmagic-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.

linux/zfs-on-linux/zfs-on-linux-0.7.0-git12172016_4.9.1-pmagic-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.

x/mesa/mesa-13.0.3-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.

x/xf86-video-intel/xf86-video-intel-git_20161117_169c74fa-i586-2_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.

Installation Method:

  1. Unpack the archive and burn the iso image
  2. In this task, you need disc tool that is burning
  3. It may be burne by you to CD/DVD/USB disk drive
  4. Connect/plug the boot and drive from bios.

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